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We are accepting registration for girls in Kindergarten-12th Grade.

Girl Scouting is fun. Girl Scouting is inspiring. Girl Scouting provides leadership experiences that last a lifetime.




















Girl Scouts discover their special skills and talents.

They connect with other girls, make friends, learn about teamwork,
problem solve, and develop healthy relationships.

They take action to make the world a better place.

As Girl Scouts, they have the opportunity to participate in exciting activities, go on wonderful trips to far-off places, learn about new careers, create their own community improvement project, meet great friends, and help make the world a better place.


That's not all.  They learn about setting goals, managing money, and marketing by selling the famous and delicious Girl Scout Cookies.


Ultimately, they’ll gain the skills needed to join the next generation of leaders. Everything they do—whether it is performing science experiments, creating art projects, cooking meals, or learning to protect the planet's water supply—is aimed at helping the Girl Scout.  Do you know an adult that would like to be part of this amazing movement?


Click here to become an adult volunteer with the Our Lady of Lourdes Girl Scouts



There Are Many Ways to Participate

Join at Different Levels
Daisy: Kindergarten or first grade
Brownie: Grade 2 or 3
Junior: Grade 4 or 5
Cadette: Grade 6, 7, or 8
Senior: Grade 9 or 10
Ambassador: Grade 11 or 12


Do Things and Go Places

Troop: Girls can be part of a close-knit, small group of girls who participate in field trips and community events and earn awards and badges.

Series: Girls can sign up according to their interests and meet girls who have similar interests. They can take a 4-8 week course on self-esteem and self-expression or a workshop on energy conservation - or design their own series based on their personal interests!

Travel: They can plan trips with other girls for travel to local, national, and international destinations.

Events: They can join single or multi-day programs with other Girl Scouts who want to earn badges like Home Scientist and Cookie CEO or learn about Entertainment Technology or a host of other subjects.

Camp: They can participate in adventures year-round as well as in summer camp programs that last anywhere from as short as a day to as long as two weeks.

Virtual: They can join girls from around the world to work together online.


Thank you to Girl Scouts of Greater New York for providing the information on this page. 

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